STRYVE Fitness

tvOS app

Providing the ideal home workout

In spring of 2016 STRYVE broke into the $74 billion dollar fitness market. As Americans abandon exercise DVDs in favor of apps and streaming to get fit, STRYVE leverages the tvOS platform with a personalized way to reach fitness goals. I created design standards as well as the interface for the pre-launch startup.


Interaction design, visual design



Client deliverables




The problem

One workout doesn't fit all

Busy professionals want an efficient workout that fits with their schedule, which, for many people, means exercising at home. But the leading home fitness products don't make personalization a priority.

The solution

Premium, efficient, personalized

STRYVE tapped into the home workout market by designing a workout plan specifically for individual users.

STRYVE's fitness assessment gathers the user's health information (age, gender, weight, etc) as well as fitness goals.  

Design standards

Creating a style guide

While creating the interfaces it occurred to me that a formal style guide would improve development on new features down the road. I made a simple style guide as a clean hand-off for the next designer.

The platform

tvOS Interface Guidelines

Apple TV's app guidelines were my bible while working on this project.


"Apple products are known for connecting people with content. This feeling of connection is expected from Apple TV too, even though it isn't a device you hold in your hand and you don't touch the screen directly."

I quickly learned that buttons need to call the most attention on the screen. By default, one button is in select mode upon page load. In this focussed state, the button size increases.

The impact

STRYVE is making strides! The product launched on Apple TV in the summer of 2016 and was featured in Apple's "New Apps We Love."