Contoso Insurance

Demo app for Microsoft Azure AD B2C

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Every so often I help demo a Microsoft developer product through a product I get to craft from the ground up. To highlight the capabilities of Azure AD B2C, we created the story of Contoso Insurance: An established insurance provider seeking to capture the Millennial market in the renters insurance space.



Lead researcher and designer



Branding, app prototype, marketing site




The problem

Azure AD B2C is a cloud identity service that provides enterprise and governments with a light weight sign in tool for their users.

The solution

We translated Microsoft's business goal of showcasing Azure AD B2C into the fictional company's goal of implementing our identity product.

This spawned the story of Contoso Insurance, a company hoping to establish a relationship with the digitally savvy Millennial demographic through an online-first insurance approach.

From that point on I put on my insurance provider cap and set out to create a great product for renters.



The project was my opportunity to act as both lead researcher and designer for the first time while at Microsoft. Other than weekly feedback session with a senior designer, I was able to take full ownership of the product.

I carved out time to research the renters insurance market before turning my focus to the end user. The user interviews I conducted defined the product vision.

Interview questions included:

  • What made you consider buying a renters insurance policy? 
  • Before getting covered, how expensive did you think it would be?
  • How did you initially get a quote? (Online, through a rep, etc)
 Affinity map of Millennials and renters insurance

Affinity map of Millennials and renters insurance

The user

Based on research findings, I defined our user as a mid-20 year old, urban apartment dwelling Millennial who values efficient communication and a good price point when considering insurance.

The brand

I had a lot of fun creating a basic brand and digital business strategy for the new Contoso Renters product. I set out to create an "un-stuffy," digital-first service with a clean aesthetic and casual messaging.

Itemized insurance

The renters insurance market is doing some pretty cool stuff these days. Users have the option to cover specific possessions, like a bike or engagement ring, rather than pay for an umbrella policy.

The quote flow

I started designing the app by identifying the core problems. Research indicated that the quote process is the first interaction a customer has with an insurance company, so I began there. We put the sign up flow at the end of the quote experience, since users are less likely to drop off once they've put a little time into their quote.

Sign in sign up

The second user flow we focussed on was the sign in and account creation processes, in order to show off Azure AD B2C's authentication in action.


The impact

While I wrapped up the MVP concept, priorities shifted from sales outreach back to the admin experience in the Azure portal, so the Contoso app hasn't been built as planned quite yet. But the B2C team loved the concept and prototype and hopes to find resources to make Contoso Insurance a reality when they get the engineering resources.